About Us

Brielle Dog Boutique is a family run business that opened in 2011 in Brielle, NJ. We are dog owners and have been life long residents of the Brielle area so we are aware of the unique challenges that come with is. We have a French bulldog who is allergic to certain types of foods that are commonly found in the brands you find at the big box stores. We looked around and finally came across a brand that offered high quality foods and is 100% all natural.  Since she has been eating this brand her allergies have subsided greatly.

The issue that came about with this brand of dog food was that it was very difficult to come across except online so we wanted to open up a dog boutique that offered hard to find 100% all natural dog food. We became aware of a great concept called Self Serve Dog Wash and we wanted to bring this one of its kind experience to the residents of the Jersey Shore. We are always looking to expand and carry new brands so if you have a certain type or product or food that you would like us to carry please let us know. We really hope that you enjoy our store and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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