The Brielle Dog Boutique features private grooming in a cage free environment and a do it yourself Self Serve Dog Wash. The boutique is conveniently located on Hwy. 71 (Union Avenue) in Brielle, NJ. The Brielle Dog Boutique offers the easiest way to bathe your dog on a first come first serve basis. We recommend that before leaving browse the boutique for clothing and accessories for both you and your dog. We carry toys for small, medium and large dogs. Choose from an array of grain, wheat and corn free treats Made In The USA! Can’t decide on a gift for a Dog Lover? Gift certificates can be purchased. Private cage free grooming is available by appointment. Our groomers are responsible for one dog at a time and they will help your pet overcome their anxiety and inhibitions. We have an extremely high success rate working with puppies and dogs that may be fearful of the grooming process.Nail cutting and nail grinding services are available by calling the boutique to schedule an appointment. To learn more click on Private Dog Grooming.

Experiencing the Self Serve Dog Wash
Instead of the usual knee-crushing, back-breaking chore of washing an uncooperative dog in a tub made for humans, you’ll find three elevated groomers’ wash stations.  For our senior dogs or those with health and or joint ailments, we have a low step in tub that is ideal for them.  Choose among several different premium groomers quality shampoos to satisfy most of your specific dogs needs such as: hypo-allergenic, citrus, de-shedding, and brightening shampoos. The price for the self wash is $17.99 and blow drying is optional for an additional $3.00.  We supply everything: aprons, super absorbent towels, ear wipes, brushes, and dog cologne.  Simply put…all you need to do is bring your dog on a leash!

What you can expect at the Brielle Dog Boutique:

  • Professional dog stylists
  • Cage free dog-friendly environment
  • Clothing & accessories for dogs and women
  • Grain, corn & wheat free treats for dogs of all sizes
  • Self Serve & Full Service Dog Washing
  • Nail cutting & dremeling service
  • Acana and Orijen dog food
  • Knowledgeable, family-run staff of dog lovers
  • Ample off-street parking

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